10 Perks of an Urban Campus

We think being an urban campus is a huge advantage to our students here at Kelley Indianapolis, but why take our word for it when you can hear it from one of our students. Here are ten reasons Sophomore Sierra Lee is happy she made the decision to join us.

Choosing a college can be one of the most difficult, life-changing decisions young adults make in their entire lives. Finding a campus where you feel comfortable can be challenging, but eventually it will all work out. As a city-lover, I naturally felt most comfortable choosing an urban campus that offered me anything I could want out of my college years. Going to school in a city has many perks, but here are 10 things I've found that make it irresistible:

  1. City Skylines
    The skyline will always be breathtaking, whether it's during sunrise, sunset, or even a thunderstorm. By the end of the semester, you will have countless photos of your city's skyline, so it will be pretty difficult to pick just one to have as your cover photo on Facebook.
  2. Endless food options
    *insert about 100 heart eye emojis here*
  3. Cultural districts
    They are a great way to take a break when you are stressed. These visits can feel like you're going on a mini trip, which is a perfect way to get away from studying for a few hours.
  4. Coffee
    Starbucks and other coffee shops are on every corner, which is perfect for caffeine-dependent college students.
  5. Civic Engagement
    There are a ton of opportunities for volunteering and community service, so you can give back to the community.
  6. Entertainment
    The city has events and conventions every weekend, so there is always an adventure waiting around the corner.
  7. Internships
    There are so many more internship opportunities in the city than in a small college town. Those internships can lead to a career straight out of college! Top 5 Reasons to Love Kelley
  8. Easy Travel
    You can walk almost anywhere. (Always travel in groups, though!) All kinds of attractions are just a short stroll away.
  9. Research Opportunities
    Interested in researching during college? Then an urban campus is the place for you, due to many research and development opportunities.
  10. Meeting New People
    You will meet people from different walks of life who will accept you for who you are.

These perks are just a small example of the wonderful things that make an urban campus stand out. For most of us who are lucky enough to attend a school in a city, these are the things that we hold near and dear to our hearts, that we will cherish far beyond our college years.