16 Tech Boldly Crosses the Rubicon-March Venture Club Luncheon


When you last heard about my experience attending Venture Club Luncheons as a Kelley MBA Student, I was excited about all the intriguing ventures and people I get to meet at these events. After my event, I can confirm that they keep getting more and more intriguing and inspiring!

The image caption follows
Rendering of 16 Tech Master Plan adjacent to the IUPUI campus across Fall Creek

16 Tech is a bold conception around constructing a research campus along Indiana Avenue between 10th and 16th street. Around this campus, Arts, Ample public space, retail/office space and various tiers of housing opportunities will be ranged to support and empower all the talents onsite. This audacious blueprint was presented to us all at the March Luncheon of Venture Club of Indiana

The presentation delivered by Betsy McCaw, President of 16 Tech Community corporation was very moving and through. She begins with the alarming brain drain problem that faces Central Indiana and emphasized that it must be resolved for Indy’s Economy to grow more rapidly. The solution she points to build a World Class Innovation Community, and that’ where 16 Tech comes into the picture.

Established in September 4th, 2015, 16 Tech Community Corporation accomplished a lot in raising capital and acquiring assets in 6 month:

  • 45 acres of land have been acquired mostly through donation
  • Indy City Council have approved $ 75 million in bonds last on November 9th, 2015.
  • $150 million have been committed by investors to 16 Tech in 3 month

And to top it all, The Indiana Bio-sciences Research institute (IBRI) has identified 16 Tech as its permanent home with plans for 100,000 square feet of research and office space.

After the applause for this well presented bold conception subsided, all attendees immediately fell to work brainstorming ideas & suggestions to make 16 Tech successful. This ingenious event devised by the Venture Club Board generates numerous creative ideas that we all enthusiastically discussed and revised. In the end, each table sent one representative to champion their ideas to all and receive Betsy’s comments on what ideas can readily help 16 Tech. Some of the most well received ideas were:

  • Video surveillance and other security precautions on campus
  • Adequate Public Transit arrangements through shuttles and buses
  • Integrated Schools and Childcare systems

If you are eager to hear about more exciting ventures and network with entrepreneurs, investors and fellow IUPUI Students, The Venture Club of Indiana Luncheon on the first Thursday of every month is a very satisfying experience I can testify to. Come back here next month and see my blog on “What’s My Business Worth” or maybe be there in person on April 7th and learn about it all yourself.

Much Thanks to Betsy McCaw and 16 Tech for sharing their bold conception with us and doing all they can to help Central Indiana retain its talents.