Kim Donahue, senior lecturer in marketing

The two things I consider when determining if each ad was good or not:

Screenshot from Honda's "Yearbooks" commercial. Courtesy:

1) The target market and message,

2) Was the Super Bowl the right venue?

One of the issues with the venue situation is a large portion of the viewing population is watching the commercials at a party.

Therefore, some of the commercials that were strong and among people’s favorites, I rank low simply because they didn’t play well in a crowded noisy room.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Kim Donahue's least favorite Super Bowl commercials
Kim Donahue's list of notable commercials

Notable – these were all well done. The issue came down to if people were at parties or watching at home. They didn’t play well in a party setting, but they are very effective in a quieter atmosphere.