3 Reasons The Children's Museum Should Be On Your Radar This Fall


Indianapolis is home to many great things; the Colts, Pacers, Monuments and various other attractions. But did you know that we are also home to the largest Children's Museum in the world? Crazy I know. It's your lucky day though because this fall you will have the opportunity to visit the Children's Museum at a discounted rate, attend a special Faculty Panel Presentation and possibly even enjoy one of your classes in the Take Me There China Exhibit! Since early May, the Children's Museum has been hosting the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit. Before I began working on this event, I really didn't know what the Terra Cotta Warriors was and why it was such a big deal. After touring the exhibit and learning all about the history, I'm encouraging EVERYONE to go and be a part of this experience!

If you're like me, I haven't been to the Children's Museum since elementary school. I figured that going as a 26-year-old would be about as much fun as watching paint try. From the moment I walked in the facility, I wanted to look at every exhibit and spend the whole day there. Sure it's fun to see as a kid but you can appreciate it so much more as an adult! Here are three reasons why YOU should visit the Children's Museum this fall to check out this exhibit and be a part of this special relationship with the museum and the Kelley School of Business.

  1. The exhibit itself is enough to get someone to visit. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Terra Cotta Warriors, let me give you a little summary. They were discovered in 1974 by peasants that were digging for a well near the tomb of China's first Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. After digging, they discovered over 7,000 soldiers, horses, chariots and even weapons made out of pottery. It was believed that they were built to protect the emperors tomb and watch over him in the afterlife.
  2. This is the only time you will be able to see this exhibit in the U.S. in 2014! It's a very exclusive exhibit that has never been exhibited in a children's museum since their discovery 40 years ago. This truly is a one in a lifetime opportunity. And the best part is ... you can go for a discounted price with your fellow students and faculty!
  3. A few of the renowned faculty at the Kelley School of Business will be a part of the Faculty Panel Presentation that is open to the public on October 8. This event will showcase the faculty's experiences with business in China and their explorations. It will be a panel followed by a reception. You will have the opportunity to see the exhibit that night and adventure around the museum. Invite all your friends ... this will be an event for the books!

I could come up with many more than three reasons why you should partake in the Children's Museum activities but this blog would be extremely too long. It really is a priceless experience that you will want to be a part of. This is the first time that the Children's Museum has partnered with a higher education institute to bring this kind of experience to the city.