A New Way to Learn


Since I have been here in Indianapolis, two of my best memories are experiencing the IUPUI Campus and spending time with my two American roommates. I am sure you know Maria Lopez; she is so famous in Kelley! As a French foreign exchange student, I have to slowly adjust to American life. I have learned that the US education system is very different, including the business school system, the number of classes, the homework, majors and minors, and lastly, the facilities.

The business schools are private in France and are not a part of the university... Except one! EM Strasbourg Business School is related to the University of Strasbourg. You have to take an entrance exam and interview to be admitted.

Currently, I am taking four classes at IUPUI (two in my major, one in American culture and the last one in strategy or human resources). It is 11 credit hours. This is different because all the French students in business schools spend 20 to 30 hours per week in the classroom.

I have to admit it. In France, I have never opened a book to study. All we need is to listen in class and study our notes. That is why I thought that books were very expensive. We do not have a lot of homework; nevertheless, I think it’s very irregular. It depends on the professor.

The business school program in France takes three years to complete to enter in a business school, you need to have a two-year degree, whatever the topic and to take the entrance exam. We just select our major during our fourth year of study after high school. We do not have minor.

One big surprise, to me, is the facilities on the campus. I was impressed by the university library, the bookstore, Starbucks and sports facilities, it is very nice. I love the library because it’s a really nice place to study with scanners and printers.

In conclusion, my time thus far at the Kelley School of Business has been very wonderful. The professors are very good and I enjoy the classes. The case studies, the business fraternity, and everything else that IUPUI has to offer has begun to shape me into a young business minded professional.