A spotlight on our Kelley women: staff of Kelley Indy

In celebration of Women's History Month, the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis is highlighting Kelley women throughout March.

We asked several of our Kelley staff members about the difference they’re making in the community - and what advice they'd give to other women working to succeed in the business world today.

Susannah Gawor, ‎Director of the Business of Medicine Physician MBA Program

Susannah Gawor, the director of the Business of Medicine Physician MBA Program, was recognized this week as IUPUI celebrated women and leadership. Gawor received the Outstanding Woman Leader Staff award through IUPUI’s Women’s History Month Leadership Awards. Faculty, staff and students are nominated by their colleagues for these awards.

Gawor's family also is very active with Nuestros Niños, an organization that is committed to helping “our children” in Guatemala, while also instilling a sense of service in “our children” in the United States.

“I got active as a way to instill a sense of service in my two girls. Through Nuestros Niños, we make a difference by helping to meet basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and security. My family and I also sponsor two girls through school—Angela & Maria,” said Gawor.

Gawor’s family (particularly her older daughter) goes beyond simply paying educational costs to also help their sponsored students and families create a better living and learning environment.

To date, they’ve provided them with a water filter for clean water, an ONIL stove to get the smoke out of their home from their cook fire as well as reduce their need for as much firewood, and egg-laying chickens for protein or for selling the eggs.

“We’re currently working toward providing the family with a PILA, which is a cement sink that is traditional in Mayan homes. We traveled to Guatemala to do service with Nuestros Niños in July 2016 and will return in July 2017,” she added.

In addition, their family makes fleece blankets for the Guatemala trip that are passed out to preschoolers— Last year they provided 25 and this year they’re providing 50.

Gawor also is on the alumni board for her alma mater, Knox College, where she helps to foster alumni relations and build enthusiasm and pride for Knox.

“Advice I have for women looking to succeed in business is: Be audacious, be confident, always be learning and stay focused on your goals—don’t let others’ goals pull you away,” said Gawor.

A number of our undergraduate advisors were nominated for awards this year!

Carly Grennes was named runner up for JACADA Advising Administrator of the Year, LouAnna Eichrodt was runner up for Advisor of the Year, and Loren Bumbalough and Jen Ayers (former staff member) were nominated for Advisor of the Year.

LouAnna Eichrodt, Academic Advisor, Office of Academic and Professional Development

LouAnna volunteers at Wheeler Mission at the Center for Women and Children. 

She has worked in the kitchen, in their computer lab and is currently a Naomi Project Mentor to one of the ladies going through one of their programs.

Louanna's advice for women looking to succeed in business:

"It’s sometimes uncomfortable for women to talk about or highlight their talents and accomplishments during interviews or in the work place; so you’ll need to practice. You have to be your own advocate, so get out there and shine!"

Tammy Martin, Director of Finance and Administration

"My advice for women in business is to observe and absorb as much of your environment and the conversations as you can, even if the information seems trivial. These things will be locked away in your mind and will be there to reference should the opportunity arise," said Martin. "Never be afraid to ask any question: This is one of the major ways to learn. Count on your peers for support and advice. They will probably be going through some of the same challenges, and they are a great reference."

"Join a national association for your field. Networking with others outside your institution or company is invaluable and provides great resources."

Sloane Thompson, Assistant Director of the Business of Medicine Physician MBA Program

"My personal advice for other women in business is to create a 'personal advisory board' of key people who can be sounding boards to provide feedback, thoughtful questioning and recommendations regarding specific business ideas and work situations, as well as guidance regarding next steps in your career journey," said Thompson.

Laura M. Watson, Undergraduate Admissions Specialist

"I think my main advice for Kelley women is that it is up to them to make the experience what they want and to get out of it what they want," said Watson.

"We are here to help in any way we can and assist along the way, but you are in charge of your future and taking the steps to get where you want to be. We just help give you the tools to do it."

"My other advice for students is to go for it. Whatever it is they want, go for it. I have seen students not apply for scholarships or an internship because some of them can have a large applicant pool or the student didn’t have the highest GPA of the class. You never know if you don’t try. While a 4.0 is great, it is rare, and it is more about hard work, dedication, service to others and character.

Mary Johnson, Associate Director, Evening MBA Program

I believe it is important for women to prepare themselves to compete in the business world.

Mary Johnson, Associate Director, Evening MBA Program

"An MBA provides the foundation and critical people skills needed. The Kelley School of Business Evening MBA program is designed to teach students how to interact effectively with management and in team environments, and it gives them the understanding of the major elements of business including Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Operations."

Susan Cauble, Director, Graduate Accounting Programs

“Have confidence in your ability to succeed," said Cauble.

"Women today are mothers, students, caregivers and professionals all at the same time. If you can juggle all of these responsibilities, you have the skills to excel.”