All Good Things Must Come To An End?


An old adage states "All good things must come to an end." As I finish out my last semester with the Kelley Evening MBA program, it is my hope that this does not hold true all the time. Through the program, opportunities for learning have occurred in and out of the classroom. There have been many good things as a result of my time gaining an Evening MBA.

I was asked in an interview the last leadership book I read which, with all of our homework, was for J506, Leadership. The next question was one key take away from the book. I realized my biggest takeaway from that class was actually the teaching part on negotiation. I had not been exposed to the concept of reserve positions until J506. I was able to share that through that class I realized my personal approach was to start with my reserve position leaving myself and the other person no where to go. It was good to realize what had influenced me that I didn't expect and that it continues throughout life.

When I started, case competitions were not something on the horizon for me. After taking F540, participation in the ACG Cup Competition became an option. This case competition highlighted how generous Professors Jones and Perry are with their time. In addition to the classes they teach, they provided time to the teams to help guide us through the process of the competition. This competition offered exposure to working professionals and learnings from individuals actually practicing in the financial field and supported the classroom content. It is good that the professors offer their time with this endeavor and have not ended their interest. This is one good thing that I do not see coming to an end.

The Kelley program provides students the possibility to meet professors for monthly lunches. In the Bloomington area, our lunch has been with Professor Anderson. The lunches are a good way to know one another outside the classroom. The lunches allow students to strengthen the skills needed to build relationships outside their immediate comfort zone, which students may find challenging. The opportunity to join students and professors is a good part of the program that should be supported and not allowed to end.

Friends made along the way have also been good. Prof. Lyles and Bonser-Neal were so supportive and interested in the students during the international trip. With their international travel experience and exposure, it was good to have their company during the trip. I think of the wisdom they offered on that trip often. Various teammates I have had in classes have also offered the opportunity to meet so many new people. The structure of the Evening program has been good to help facilitate the opportunity to continuously meet others through the ability to have changing teams. It is my hope that the good things experienced are able to continue on for future Kelley Evening MBA students and not come to an end.