Ambassadors Will be Face of Kelley During 2015-16 School Year


The newly-formed Kelley Ambassadors student group held a meet-and-greet Wednesday night for the organization's inaugural 30 members.

The Kelley Ambassador program was created this spring in order to increase awareness for the school and develop members through professionalism, service, and a direct partnership with the Undergraduate Programs and External Affairs. The mission of the Kelley Ambassadors is to promote and foster the Kelley School by assisting in student recruitment, alumni relations, community relations, and other internal and external functions.

Throughout the school year, Kelley Ambassadors will represent the school at a variety of school functions. Students will serve as ambassadors to current students through volunteer activities at Kelley-sponsored events, and will get the opportunity to interact with alumni, donors, and prospective students.

"There will be numerous occasions for these students to showcase their pride and enthusiasm for Kelley," said Maureen Kinney, director of Kelley's undergraduate program on the IUPUI campus. "As more and more events are added to our calendar, there was a huge need for this group. We are excited to have these young leaders as the face of Kelley."

The first group of Kelley Ambassadors includes nine freshmen, 11 sophomores, and 10 juniors. The ambassadors for 2015-16 academic year are:

  • Isabel Adams, freshman;
  • Jordhan Adams, junior;
  • Kingsley Agho, junior;
  • Jacob Brown, junior;
  • Anna Bruick, sophomore;
  • Samantha Buran; junior;
  • Joanna Canfield, sophomore;
  • Shelby Caulk, sophomore;
  • Keegan Chamberlin, freshman;
  • Michael Craft; freshman;
  • Lucas Edwards, junior;
  • Martina Fialova, sophomore;
  • Emily Gaffney, freshman;
  • Evan Goley, sophomore;
  • Anne Gorajec, sophomore;
  • Lindsey Gray, sophomore;
  • Sandra Hanna, junior;
  • Caleb Martin, freshman;
  • Dimiya Martin, freshman;
  • Leann McGuire, sophomore;
  • Andrew Musselman, sophomore;
  • Joel Naab, sophomore;
  • Chris Norris, freshman;
  • Nirja Parekh, junior;
  • Emily Riley, junior;
  • Victoria Sefcsik, freshman;
  • Taylor Sidwell, junior;
  • Clara Starkey, freshman;
  • Collin Wilson, sophomore;
  • Elizabeth Ziegler, junior.

Congratulations to everyone who was selected to be part of this important organization, and thanks for your service and commitment to Kelley.