Although our grand story starts in Jesus Maria, its newest chapter, ESLO, begins at Kelley on IUPUI’s campus.

Lorenc, a Kelley School of Business student, and Eduardo, an engineering student, met their freshman year at IUPUI. They became quick friends, and over the next four years, began constructing the ideation of ESLO.

Separately, I (Ryan) had my own dream of one day starting a custom shoe design venture. My personal Kelley moments occurred in classes like professor David Steele’s entrepreneurship class, Kelley’s renowned ICore program, Professor Cox's marketing classes and professor Wendeln's J402 business simulation. All of the professors and classes I took at Kelley inspired me, and gave me the building blocks to one day make my dream a reality.

After college, with a Kelley education under my belt along with advice from professor David Steele, one of my entrepreneurial inspirations, I pursued a custom shoe venture named Albany Shoes.

I also worked part time at Sun King Brewing Company, a company with its own entrepreneurial success that has been an incredible inspiration to me.

After a year of effort, Albany Shoes hit too many road blocks and came to a standstill.

But during my hiatus from Albany, I was introduced to Eduardo through his Kelley peer Lorenc. Combining Lorenc's supply chain and finance degree, my marketing degree and year of entrepreneurial experience and Eduardo's lifelong knowledge of the shoe crafting world, the grand vision for ESLO began taking shape.

Learn more about ESLO Shoes and its mission. The company has launched on Kickstarter and is offering leather-made children's chukkas, oxfords and wingtips. Their campaign will be live from March 28th until April 26th.

UTILIZING LOCAL: Tapping into Indianapolis's amazing resources.

Our ESLO team utilized many local establishments – whether it was their services or encouragement - to get the venture to where it is today. From the Speakeasy co-working space in Indianapolis, to Thirsty Scholar, a local coffee shop (cause every venture team needs coffee and good Wi-Fi), to IUPUI, Sun King Brewing and even Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick, who aired a story on ESLO to showcase local entrepreneurial activity.

Thanks to Kelley and the help of many great people and establishments here in Indianapolis, after over a year and a half of hard work, learning curves and persistence, ESLO has finally gotten to this moment: the launch of its Kickstarter.

That’s why we need YOU!

Click here to learn more about ESLO Shoes. To learn more about our journey, how Kelley prepared us and our Kickstarter, email Ryan Eldridge at