Being Part Of IUPUI's Top 100 Is An Amazing Honor, Overwhelming


On Friday, April 11, IUPUI celebrated its Top 100 students at the annual Top 100 Recognition Dinner.

Chancellor Bantz and J.T. Forbes, head of the IU Alumni Association, both spoke to kick off the evening. The Chancellor highlighted the growth of IUPUI and the role students have played in creating the community and engagement that the IUPUI campus experiences today. Mr. Forbes talked about the importance of recognizing those who have played a role in helping you to get where you are. There are so many — we all need each other, and while the hard work and determination of an individual is extremely important, the success of one person is never solely theirs. He also discussed the concept of having “serious fun” — the ability to focus on things that are important, to work hard, and to enjoy yourself while doing so!

My mom and friend, Grace, were able to join me — and we sat with another great friend from IUPUI, Krystiana, and her family (she is a School of Liberal Arts Top 100/Top 10 Female honoree). It was great to share the evening with people who are so special to me.

I know many of the Top 100 students, and it is truly an amazing group of people. To be a part of this group is overwhelming and such an honor; these students and future alumni/professionals are going to be doing awesome things in and for the world!

Here are the Top 100 honorees from Kelley:

  • Aaron Buchanan
  • Rishi Chandra (Top 10 Male)
  • Ryan Eldridge
  • Kourney Givens
  • Cristina Grimany
  • Alexus Laird
  • Jhalek Patel
  • Lynn Pham
  • Kristin Pierce
  • Lynnette Sauer (Top 10 Female)
  • Sara Suarez
  • Randi Thompson
  • Kristen Wesolowski
  • Kameron Willsey

You can read more about these students here. Go Kelley!