Biochemical engineer uses Kelley Evening MBA to advance and transform

As a biochemical engineer with experience in research and development, Jonathan Jones, MBA’20, understands business is integral to the science field.

“In R&D, you can think of each laboratory as a startup: We’re all competing for a piece of the pie in the next new idea, and those who have business acumen can often better communicate the value of their ideas,” he said. “It’s not just about coming up with a cool or novel innovation. Very few ideas developed actually transfer into business value as a new product. So how does a scientist or engineer convince business people his or her idea is worth investing in?”

Jonathan began working in the fermentation manufacturing industry upon earning his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia. Following his manufacturing role at Dow Agrosciences, Jonathan moved into R&D and realized he wanted to know more about the business as a whole.

“I didn’t truly understand how business decisions were made and how that knowledge interfaced with the technical knowledge I had already as an engineer,” he explained. “I decided to earn an MBA, but I didn’t want to forgo my salary. I also wanted to apply what I was learning directly to what I was doing at work while I was learning it.”

Jonathan found that the Kelley School of Business Evening MBA Program allowed him to work during the day and attend classes in the evening in downtown Indianapolis, just a few blocks from his apartment.

The beauty of the Evening MBA Program is you can implement what you learn immediately.  

Jonathan Jones, MBA’20