Campus Secrets


The first week of freshman year is an exciting and scary time. The biggest concern I had coming into IUPUI as a first year student was the sheer size of the campus. I was sure that I would get lost in a campus of 30,000 students that is located in a bustling urban setting. Just as I anticipated, I found myself lost on a few occasions. Now I am in my junior year at IUPUI. I have been an ambassador for over a year; I have learned a few tricks to familiarize myself with the campus relatively quickly. The following is a list of tips to avoid getting lost and some key locations to checkout during your tenure at this unique institution.


  • My first, and most valuable, tip: let your inner Indiana Jones shine. What do I mean? Explore the campus. Find that new friend (preferably one with a good sense of direction) and set out to learn more about our university.
  • My next big tip is to remember you are in the Midwest. People here are friendly making them an excellent source for directions. You can always stop an upperclassman or a faculty member to ask for some quick direction. Worst-case scenario, they are lost too.
  • My last tip for new students is to become familiar with the four corners of campus. Connections of University Library, Joseph T. Taylor Hall (home of University College), the IU School of Education and the IU School of Social Work (aka the ES building), and the IU Kelley School of Business and the IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs are located in the center of the academic heart. The best way to navigate this point is to use the variety of floors. The green Lego style floor takes you to the ES building. The carpeted side, which resembles an argyle pattern, takes you to the magical land that is Kelley and SPEA.

Hot Spots (places to study, to relax, to power nap, and to get COFFEE!)

  • I am a little odd when it comes to my favorite study spot. I enjoy a nice hard bench in the quite, dark, and at times lonely basement of the IUPUI School of Science. But for those of you that want a little more padding for your derriere, the library has a nice new study space on the fourth floor. Also the ES and BS buildings have trendy study alcoves. If you happen to be in the Campus Center there is a study cube on the third floor.
  • For relaxing and power napping, the basement of the Campus Center offers a padded bench located along the window ledge. So if you like to bathe in the warmth of the sun, like a cat, this may be for you. Personally, that location is too public for me. If you are more like me and need a little isolation, there are always good spots in the library to relax for a spell or two.
  • Coffee is the lifeblood of most college students. Here at IUPUI you will find multiple spots to get a cup. My favorite is Caribou on the second floor of the Campus Center. You can get free refills as long as you keep the receipt! There are also grab-and-go spots located everywhere on campus, and we have the Barnes and Noble Café for those Starbucks drinkers.

If you follow this list for the first weeks of your freshman year I am sure it will be a fun and exciting adventure for you. Good luck!