All in the family: Shelby and Jim Moss & Sharon and Bryan Lutz

For four students, studying at the Kelley School is “all in the family.”

Sharon and Bryan Lutz will both graduate with a management major from the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis. Sharon is Bryan’s mom.

It’s a similar story with senior Shelby Moss and his dad Jim.

Shelby will graduate with his dad with the same double major: marketing and supply chain.

The two started school at the same time. Jim says he had decided to return to school for a degree through the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis after working years in another career. His son Shelby said once he took business courses his sophomore year – he knew what he wanted to do.

“I developed a passion for business, and especially supply chain,” said Shelby.

“All my professors say we are the first father and son duo they have had in their classes,” he added. “There have been times when he has helped me with understanding a topic in class, and vice versa.”

“I hope that hanging with his dad wasn’t too embarrassing for him,” joked Jim. “I really enjoyed the time spent with Shelby on campus and graduating together is something that very few people get the opportunity to do.”

“We are the second and third people to graduate from my family (my brother was the first in 2012) so it's neat to have this experience together,” said Shelby. “He has always been a role model to me, so seeing him make the decision to go back to school has pushed me to work even harder and to really appreciate the value of an education from a school like Kelley.”