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We’ve enjoyed seeing our student groups post on social media after finishing their presentations – here are just a couple of them. Congratulations on this accomplishment! You should be very proud. Courtesy: Instagram.
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Courtesy: Instagram.

We asked a couple students to reflect on their time in I-Core - Here's what they said about this past semester:

Griffin Brown, BS’19:

What was your favorite thing about I-CORE?

“My team is amazing. I enjoy bonding with them, connecting, and trusting people I’ve just met.”

How will I-CORE prepare you for your future career?

“It’s helped me learn how to cope with different personalities in the workplace. Most of the lessons come from the experience with the people you are given to work with in class, and professional growth is a big part of I-CORE.”

Mallory Gotsch, BS’19:

How do you think I-CORE prepared you for your future in business?

“I-Core has really helped me to apply what I learned this semester and throughout all of my classes at Kelley. So often, classes teach you things, but you don’t see the connection to how it applies to jobs in your future. It has really helped me see what marketing will be like, and it made me realize how connected all aspects of a business are.”

Shane Mosby, BS’19:

What did you enjoy most about I-CORE?

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with my team. I-CORE is a challenging semester, but having a team that you trust makes all the difference. There are some things you learn working with a team that can’t be lectured in a classroom.”

How do you think I-CORE has prepared you for your future in business?

“I-CORE has changed the way I go about solving problems. A huge thing that I learned from Professor Roberson was to ‘not let perfection get in the way of progress.’ These words made a huge difference to me in the way I approach problems, and this concept is something I undoubtedly will take with me when I move in to the professional workforce.”