Ernst & Young Horizon Internship Experience


Wow, I'm not really sure where the time has gone since I last blogged. Apparently, managing a 40 hours/week internship and 6 credit hours worth of online classes is difficult. It was all worth it though.

The internship started with training in Chicago, and I ended up running into individuals I met at the Discover Tax event back in January. Training was fun, but I was eager to work. Through the next 7 weeks, I created workbooks that fore-casted needs that partners will even use, prepare workbooks for campus recruiting teams, updated controls, helped prepare individual returns for one of the largest tax accounts in the world, helped "tie out" footnotes and a 10-Q for press release, and worked on files that will be shared with international teams.

Overall, the internship exceeded my expectations. My time at Ernst & Young this summer will be unforgettable and hard to beat. I created relationships that will last many years and now have a detailed network within the Midwest. Beyond these extrinsic benefits, I now have the comfort of knowing that I do want to start my accounting career in public accounting. I received and accepted an offer as a 2012 Winter Assurance Intern, and I am excited for the experiences that await me.