Here's a picture of my dad and I inside my dorm during move-in day. 

I wasn't super nervous about living with two complete strangers, but sharing a space has been an adjustment. I can't crank up my music, or leave my things strewn about the room. I have to be conscious that I don't live alone anymore. However, having roommates has been a really great experience so far. It's nice to have someone else who is in a similar position to talk to.

I am currently enrolled in six classes for my first semester. I am taking a business-learning community class, an intro to calculus class, a speech class, a second-level French class, an intro to business administration class, and an introductory-level accounting class.

I plan on majoring in finance and international business and minoring in French and history.

Evan with his France and United States flags.

As for what classes I'm looking forward to, my French class has really got me excited! I took four years of French in high school, and I fell in love with the language and culture. I am really excited to continue learning the language at a higher level. I am not looking forward to my calculus class. I have always been good at math, but it is not a subject that interests me in the slightest.

I am so excited to be a part of a program as esteemed as the Kelley School of Business, and I can't wait to dive right into my freshman year of college at IUPUI.

I hope you'll follow along!