Experiencing The Kelley House


When you think of IUPUI, you think of commuting, and when I say commuting, I'm referring to the constant stress of trying to find a reasonable parking spot. When I officially decided to become a Jaguar, I didn't want to be a part of the daily commuting mess. Being a direct admit into the Kelley School of Business, I was given the opportunity to apply and be a part of the Kelley House in the newly transformed University Tower. Needless to say, I seized the opportunity when it came time to filling out a housing application.

If you don't know what the Kelley House is, it's simply a residential-based learning community on the 6th floor of the University Tower where you live amongst other business students and you're free to socialize with fellow business students who aspire to be successful businessmen and women. When I moved in for the first time, like any college freshman, I was nervous. I didn't know how the experience would turn out and the questions began to flood my head. Would I be the odd one out who knew too little about business? Even worse, maybe I would know too much and I would look like I was trying too hard to fit in? But, when it all came down to it, nothing like that happened. Everyone in the Kelley House is a normal student who enjoys socializing and talking about things like family, friends, hobbies, and a whole wide range of topics. Do we talk about business? Yes, of course, but we all aren't in suits everyday discussing 401K's and the DOW Jones (as cool as that sounds).

Simply put, we help one another with our business classes, assist each other in our times of need, and best of all, we are all a part of one of the best business schools in the country.

The Kelley House is much more than a learning community. I see our floor as a family and I'm lucky to be a part of this experience. I've met so many great people throughout IUPUI, but by far, the residents of the Kelley House make up the great majority of them. If I could meet any aspiring business majors who are enrolling in the fall, I would tell them to really consider living on campus and taking part in this learning community. I owe my whole first college year experience to this group and I can't thank myself enough for checking the box on the housing application that said, "Kelley House-6th Floor".