Faculty Spotlight: Amrou Awaysheh

Amrou Awaysheh, assistant professor of operations management, focuses on sustainable operations in his research, considering the link between sustainability activities and firm performance.

“The majority of my research focuses on what firms do to make sure they’re socially sustainable,” said Awaysheh.

“I consider the impact the firm has on individuals. For example, how does an organization treat its suppliers in a developing world? How do they make sure they don’t use slave labor or child labor? How do they make sure their employees have a good work-life balance, so they can do a good job for themselves and be good for the firm? I look at the interplay between these practices and firm performance.”

He recently had a paper, entitled “Minimizing Supply Chain Risk through Socially Responsible Practices,” accepted for publication in the International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

The research examines the relationship between sustainability and operations risk, supplier sustainability monitoring practices and supply improvement initiatives and firm performance.

“I believe that sustainability overall is a good thing. I work in a business school, so I don’t think the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a free-giving gift is sustainable in nature,” said Awaysheh. 

I think for CSR to be sustainable in the business environment, there needs to be a relationship between sustainability activities and financial performance. 

Amrou Awaysheh, assistant professor of operations management

“I enjoy finding that link to hopefully make the practice more sustainable. For example, a company may give away money to charity for a little while, but there are better ways to use its money to improve social welfare for its people.”

Awaysheh teaches in the Kelley Evening MBA Program. His course on operations management is part of the core and is required by all students. He also teaches a course on professional development and career leadership.

Additionally, Awaysheh is the director of the Global Supply Chain Enterprise (gSCIE), which is an experiential learning experience that provides Evening MBA students the opportunity to apply all they’ve learned to a real-world consulting project. Awaysheh trains and mentors students as they provide this consulting at F500 firms.