Faculty Spotlight: Sam Tiras

When Sam Tiras first started teaching, he didn’t even have a passport. Now, he travels several times a year to conduct research and present at workshops across the globe.

“It’s not a domestic world anymore; you’re competing globally. You have to understand the information that’s given to you internationally. I don’t change what I teach to teach international standards, but I certainly make sure my students are aware,” said Tiras.

An associate professor of accounting, Tiras teaches accounting and financial statement analysis to Evening MBA and MS Accounting students at Kelley Indianapolis.

“There’s really no such thing as a local business anymore. Our students work with global companies. From an accounting point of view, you can’t be a partner at a major CPA firm without doing at least one or two international rotations.”

Tiras’ passion for international accounting first started with a trip to China and Singapore while he was teaching in the MBA program at the University at Buffalo. While working at Louisiana State University, he traveled with students to Brazil and has gone back nearly a dozen times since then to work with doctoral students and researchers. In fact, much of his research begins in Brazil.