Frank Wintin: from the United States Air Force to Kelley

After serving nine years in active duty for the United States Air Force, Frank Wintin, BS’19, will graduate from the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI and boost his career as a financial advisor.

“There’s no timeline; don’t compare yourself to someone else. You make your own timeline,” Frank shared about his journey. “If you have passion, heart and drive, you can do anything you want.” 

Frank grew up in Bedford, Indiana and describes his younger self as “kind of a troublemaker” who knew to be successful, he would have to put himself in a structured environment. After graduating from high school, he found that environment in the United States Air Force.

In the military, Frank worked as an munitions technician. It was his job to make sure that a variety of dangerous materials and explosives were checked for quality, handled properly and stored safely. While in this role, he was able to travel to 18 countries, living in different cities across the globe. It was during this time in the service, in Guam, that he met his wife.

When he knew it was time to step away from full-time service, Frank did a lot of reflection and took a number of skillset assessments. They all pointed to one thing – finance.

“It is such a gratifying feeling to be financially free. Finance is in the top three of the most stressful things people deal with,” Frank said of his decision.

Working in finance, I help eliminate that stress. Creating a wealthier America is the macro goal.  

Frank Wintin, BS'19