ROI Podcast features Indiana governor and tech sector growth in Indiana

In Episode 51 of the ROI Podcast, presented by the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb sat down with Associate Dean Phil Powell to discuss tech growth and jobs in the state.

In the 20 minute episode, Holcomb and Powell discuss the high tech sector growth in Indiana, the governor’s goals for training the workforce here, his recent travel abroad and why Gov. Holcomb feels it’s important for Indiana to do business and have relationships abroad.

“You can’t negotiate every deal standing on Hoosier soil,” Holcomb said in the podcast, as he discussed the importance of integrating innovative nations.

“It works both ways, and it has to be a win-win relationship. The world gets smaller and smaller by the day, and time goes faster and faster.”

In talking about Infosys and its major April announcement to build a large training center in Indianapolis, Holcomb said, “We offer room to grow, which is important for companies looking to scale up, as compared to some of the friendly competition surrounding us. We asked the questions, ‘Why not Indiana or Indianapolis? Look at what we have to offer.’”

Think big, go big, and Indiana wants you to do it here.

Eric J. Holcomb, 51st Governor of Indiana