How a Kelley student found his passion in HR

For Jayce Everling, human resources is about putting the right people in the right jobs with the right tools and resources to succeed. 

Jayce, BS'20, first encountered human resource management as a job option when he participated in a shadowing program during his senior year of high school. His dad introduced him to an employee at Hendricks Regional Health in Danville, and seeing her work in human resources affirmed this was the path that Jayce wanted to follow. 

"I love people. I like to talk, and I'm very extroverted. My dad's colleague thought because of these attributes, I'd be well-suited for human resources," he said. 

Since his first HR experience, Jayce has had multiple experiences in different parts of the profession. He's had internships at Old Navy, the IUPUI Office of Student Employment and Lids Sports Group; his responsibilities have included recruiting, training, development and operations. 

"The people I meet encourage me," he explained.

Jayce is excited to see how companies plan for the future. He sees himself working in talent recruitment, training and development and eventually teaching other future human resource professionals. 

The new changes in talent systems allow you to be strategic in how you approach recruiting strategies and how you're reaching out to people.

Jayce Everling, BS'20