It All Started With An Interest In Career Advancement


Getting my MBA all started with an interest in career advancement. Now, after all is said and done, I realize it was a short sighted goal. As some would say, it’s water under the bridge; but it makes me understand how important our choices are – past, present and the ones waiting to be made. It is my past decisions that led me to the Evening MBA program at the Kelley School of Business, Indianapolis.

It started when I was reviewing positions up at Corporate (center of control). Most of the job descriptions contained that statement many of us have seen “MBA preferred” or better yet, “MBA required”. Below I have listed the four most influential decisions that led to my enrollment in the MBA program at the Kelley School of Business.

  • Decision #1 - I waited to apply until I had financial support from my employer. This decision delayed my MBA by three years.
  • Decision #2 – I decided that an Evening MBA was the best fit for me versus full-time or online.
  • Decision #3 – I went to class on the first day.
  • Decision # 4 – Not to complete the MBA in two years.

As always with decisions, follows outcomes. I hadn’t really evaluated the outcomes until now.

  • Outcome #1 – I ended up in a cohort with people I have really enjoyed. I am sure many cohorts feel that way. However, I am sure the August 2011 cohort is the best one yet.
  • Outcome #2 – Taking my MBA classes in the evening has been more challenging than expected and has made an impression on my co-workers that I did not expect (a mix of admiration and “I’ll never get an MBA”). There have been times (as many of my fellow Evening MBAs would agree) where we thought there was more homework than time allowed in the after-work/weekend hours, especially when we started. It was hard to get back into the groove of doing homework.
  • Outcome #3 – With two kids and a husband at home, the first weeks of classes were hard. Before starting the program, I didn’t really understand the impact on family and what sacrifices this decision really came with. In the end, I have come to understand that it is worth it. The experience has expanded my thinking, which I then share with my family.
  • Outcome #4 – After a nine credit hour summer, both a friend and my husband suggested that I slow down. Prof. Wendeln said it best, “It will be over soon enough. Just relax and enjoy the time.” The outcome – a much more relaxed, enjoyable time gaining an MBA.

That was sage advice from Professor Wendeln. I have grown from these four initial decisions. Take some time to reflect on yourself – how have your various decisions affected your life? This is especially true for the seemingly small, inconspicuous decisions which could include taking one more year to get an MBA.Some decisions we may wish to take back, some we may have wished we had actually taken action,and some decisions have improved our lives and those around us. After all of my decisions and outcomes, I now understand that getting my MBA is more than just career advancement.