IUPUI and Vietnam National University


In November, I had the privilege of traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam to discuss how IUPUI and Vietnam National University (VNU) can create collaborations to benefit both universities. Earlier in the year, we had briefly met with several representatives of VNU when they had visited IUPUI. It was a very good trip and I enjoyed meeting with the university faculty and leaders. I learned a great deal about Vietnam and its emerging economy. I also presented how students from Vietnam could take advantage of many of the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis programs, including our undergraduate program, Master of Science in accounting, and MBA degree for their students looking for opportunities to expand on their international business school programs.

In addition to meeting with university representatives, I had the opportunity to tour a bit of the country. One of the most beautiful places in Vietnam is Halong Bay. It is located about 3 yours from Hanoi and we traveled to see Halong Bay when we had an open day. Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful areas I have had the fortune to visit http://www.halongbay-vietnam.com/ The limestone islands jut out of the ocean forming majestic mountains that are an amazing site. While visiting, we had a delicious meal of fresh seafood from the fishing village.

Folk tales tell that dragons descended from heaven to help the local people fend off invaders. The dragons liked the people so much that they stayed in Halong Bay as the mountains that we see jutting from the ocean. The Bay is also made famous by a cave, referred to as James Bond caver, where a scene from Tomorrow Never Dies was taped.