Jagathon: Why We Dance and Why You Should Too


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Kelley students and Jagathon dancers: Matt Lowery, Caleb Martin, and Anna Bruick

Jagathon is IUPUI's student run dance marathon, raising money for Riley Hospital for Children. This year I made the decision to become more involved in Jagathon and took the position as the VP of External Relations. The experience I have had while holding this position has taught me so much about leadership and creating mutually beneficial relationships with organizations across our campus and community. Below, myself and several Kelley students who serve with me on the Jagathon executive committee shared why we made the decision to dance. We hope this will encourage you to join us for this year's marathon on March 5th, because everything we do is For The Kids.

#‎WhyIDance‬: "I dance for the simple reason that it's the right thing to do. Children should never have to worry about terminal illnesses and various health complications. But sadly, we do have children who deal with it each and every day. I'm dancing because I know these kids would do the same for me if I was in their shoes. They deserve the best doctors, the best treatments, and the best overall experience while they're in the hospital, and that's what Jagathon aims to provide at the end of the 12 hours." - Matt Lowery

#‎WhyIDance‬: "I dance for the kids who want to dance but are unable. I dance to celebrate the lives of those who are no longer with us. I dance to provide hope, strength, and encouragement for the next generation. I dance for something greater than myself.” - Caleb Martin

#WhyIDance: "Just like everyone else, I dance for the kids. I dance for the kids, because I was one of them. Even though I don't remember much about my Riley story, I know the impact that Riley Children's Hospital can have on a family. I dance because I want other families to have that same experience that I had. I dance to spread more of the love that should be in this world." - Lindsey Gray

#WhyIDance: "I dance to see the smiles on the Riley Kids' faces when they tell their stories. The kids are such an inspiration to me. Last year, I went to Jagathon to have fun, but I stayed and danced all 12 hours after hearing their stories because I knew that what we were doing was making a difference. This year I'm dancing for the simple fact that we are dancing to save lives." - Isabel Adams

Register here to support a great cause and join the fun! We will also be in the Orange Space registering students for the marathon at the end of February during Kelley Student Government's Donate for Donuts event. Don't forget the marathon is less than a month away!