Kelley alum's startup business thriving

2019 UPDATE: Probo Medical was featured as one of the Indianapolis Business Journal's fastest-growing companies in 2019. Read more here.

FISHERS -- It started with boxes and boxes of ultrasound probes.

Boxes full of potential, just waiting in David Trogden’s garage. That equipment was just the beginning.

David, a 2009 graduate of the Evening MBA Program, started his Fishers-based business, Probo Medical, in 2014.

He was asked if he would like to buy 200 ultrasound probes. Ultimately, he said yes.

“I ended up with 200 ultrasound probes in my garage,” David explained, remembering the beginning moments of the business.

“I operated ‘out of my garage’ for four to five months before we went all in. At the end of 2014, I hired my first two employees, who were repair technicians,” he said.

Probo Medical buys used ultrasound probes, or the little wands used in the ultrasound system. The startup repairs the probes for resale. They also repair probes for individual customer use.

Probo Medical employee repairing an ultrasound probe.

Probo Medical has grown rapidly since its meager beginnings in David’s garage.

“It was the start of 2015 when we began building the company and hiring. We’ve hired more than 25 people since then, and we are still growing. We’ve expanded as well; we now sell worldwide. We’ve become one of the largest stocking dealers of ultrasound probes in the nation,” explained David.

When David sought top talent to help him run the fledging company, he didn’t have to look far. He recruited fellow Kelley alum Zach Wills to serve as Chief Revenue Officer. They’ve since hired other Kelley alumni and current students, including interns from the Undergraduate Program.

“Kelley seemed like a logical place to start looking for new hires,” said Zach, who graduated in 2012. “The students are prepared—both in their skill sets and in their professionalism. I’m thoroughly impressed with how Kelley graduates are prepared for the pace of the environment compared to other new graduates.”

As far as advice for others looking to start a business, David recommends starting with a good business plan, understanding where you’re going, and focusing on specific goals.

“Then it’s just bringing in the right people,” he explained. “That’s something that starts day one. You’ve always got to be on the search for people who can help you reach those goals.”

David says the company’s main goal is to continue its momentum, while looking to hire for positions in sales, marketing, purchasing, and operations.

“We continue to grow ahead of our curve,” said David. “We’re trying to bring in talent that will grow with us. We call ourselves the fastest growing company that nobody knows about in Indianapolis.”

They may not be able to claim that name – for much longer.

David and Probo Medical are also working to give back – with the help of Kelley students. Click here to see how.

2019 UPDATE: Probo Medical named to the Indianapolis Business Journal's list of Indy's fastest-growing companies two years in a row

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