Kelley Indy Cares, a student organization at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business Indianapolis, shops for kids who live at Damar Services, a local nonprofit on the southwest side of Indianapolis.

If it weren’t for these gifts, some of these children would not receive presents during the holidays.

Tammy Henninger, volunteer resource director for Damar Services

Here’s how it works

Those who volunteer to shop for the kids receive the child’s Christmas list, which has all of the items that particular child needs or wants. Each volunteer is given $75 per kid to shop with, and their job is to find those items and make that child’s Christmas extra special.

“This is a gratifying event because it really makes me appreciative of everything I have,” explains Kelley Indy Cares co-president Jake Gale, BS’18. “These kids will ask for simple clothing needs like underwear or socks, while some people take those things for granted and ask for more frivolous gifts.”

A night of shopping

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Kelley Indy Cares students huddle together to discuss what items they need.
The image caption follows
Junior Caleb Martin and sophomore Sunnih Flores search for a CD on a Damar child's Christmas list.
The image caption follows
A cart full of Hot Wheels cars.
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Members of Kelley Indy Cares pose for a group picture.
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Kelley Indy Cares members fill their shopping carts with toys.

Picturing the children’s smiles as they receive gifts they did not expect over the holidays is what keeps me coming back to the Damar event every year.

Caleb Martin, BS'18

Kelley Indy Cares is a student organization whose mission is to build character, humanity and compassion of the students at Kelley Indianapolis through philanthropic acts. Students participate in at least two volunteer events each month, but during the holiday season, there’s one particular day where they make a measurable impact. If you’re interested in joining Kelley Indy Cares, click here.