Leaping Lizards... It's Leap Day


What is it like to be a leap year baby? Kelley student, Brady Baue tells us that while he may only be 6 years old in leap years, he makes the most out of every birthday.

The chances of being born on Leap Day is 1 in 1,461. So only 0.07 percent of the world's population shares a birthday with Brady. He's a leap year baby and a Kelley student. Lucky.

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Brady Baue is a senior majoring in supply chain management.

How do you celebrate your birthday every year?

When I was younger, my parents would give me a present each day of the week leading up to my "fake" birthday. On the 28th, we would have a big celebration. As I got older, we always did something on the 28th because I am a February baby after all.

How do you celebrate your birthday on leap years?

On leap years we always have a huge celebration on the 29th. Since it only happens every 4 years, friends and family normally come in from out town to help me celebrate. Unfortunately this year, I'll be spending the majority of the day at work and school. But I'll be sure to go out for a few adult beverages before midnight.

Do you prefer being called a leaper or a leapling?

I have actually not heard of either of those terms! Ha! If I had to choose though, I would go with leapling.

Best part about being born on February 29?

The best part of being born on February 29 is that I always have an excuse to be incredibly immature. I mean, I'm just acting my age right?