Loren Bumbalough receives Senior Academic Advisor distinction

Distinction makes Bumbalough the second Senior Academic Advisor at IUPUI.

Compassionate is the best way to describe Loren Bumbalough’s dedicated approach to her work.

The Kelley School of Business advisor extends selfless compassion to each student and an unmatched dedication to her co-workers and the profession of academic advising.

“Our students come in with so many plans, and it’s inspiring to see all the work they’re doing at school and out of school. I love hearing about their lives. I find so much joy in seeing students succeed,” said Bumbalough.

With a passion to help others succeed, Bumbalough works daily with students at the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI to plan out the best course of action for their futures.

She recently was named a Senior Academic Advisor through the Academic Advisor Development Program (AADP) at IUPUI, making her only the second academic advisor at IUPUI to achieve that distinction.

The AADP is designed to promote undergraduate student learning and success, to standardize quality and training for academic advising across campus, to grow advising as a profession and to retain highly effective academic advisors.

To achieve the Senior Academic Advisor position, Bumbalough presented a portfolio with evidence of 46 outcomes: including examples of assessing and improving procedures for communicating with students, teaching students to develop a four-year plan and engaging students to help them develop strategies to effectively manage time and study habits. She submitted an application consisting of 40 pages with 50 appendices, including letters of recommendations from administrators, students and staff.

Hearing from students is what inspires me each day at Kelley. Going through this process and achieving this goal is an honor.