Making time for a Kelley MBA prepares alum to lead

Megan Bishop, BS’11, MBA’19, is a logistics expert. As the director of operations at supply chain consulting firm enVista, timely execution and problem solving are at the core of what she does. It was natural for Bishop to put careful and meticulous thought into her plans to return to school for an MBA. She waited until she’d gained at least five years of real-world work experience before applying.

The timing was significant.

“I enrolled in the Kelley Evening MBA Program at a tough time. I was five months pregnant and managing a large team at enVista,” she said. “I not only had a lot of work-related responsibilities, but I was about to be a new mom. I decided I wanted to move forward with my MBA because it wasn’t going to be any easier when my daughter grew older.”

Bishop is a woman who knows herself and her vulnerabilities. In her free time, she’s often reading a book about diverse teams or how to make diverse workplaces work better—and more creatively—than a typical workplace. In the Kelley Evening MBA, she was seeking that diversity.

“I’m constantly trying to improve myself, especially within supply chain. It’s a male-dominated industry, so I want to make sure I have a seat at the table,” she said. “I knew that by pursuing a Kelley MBA I would gain a more diverse experience to help me get that seat."

I’m constantly trying to improve myself, especially within supply chain. It’s a male-dominated industry, so I want to make sure I have a seat at the table.  

Megan Bishop, BS’11, MBA’19

To be sure, earning an MBA at a top-ranked school with rigorous coursework was a challenge. Bishop says she managed it piece by piece.

“I bit it off in small chunks, and every time I would complete a chunk, I’d say, ‘Okay move forward to the next step,’” she said. “I knew I was taking on a lot, but it’s similar to what people say about exercising: You can say you don’t have time all day, but if you want to make it work, you simply fit it in.”

Bishop jumped in and never took her foot off the pedal. True to her logistics nature, she set a time frame for her schooling, established priorities and stuck to them. When her daughter was born in August 2017, she made it work with her job, MBA and family.

“Avery Grace was born in August, so I made sure to take a lighter load of classes during that time. The following summer, I increased it a little bit more when I knew my workload at enVista tended to be lighter,” she said.

Bishop says the courses she found most translational to her day-to-day work were the 360-degree leadership weekend course and the PIVOT project – experiential learning courses that provided lessons she could immediately apply in her career.

“The lessons that I use every day, the best takeaway from the Kelley MBA in my opinion, is the 360 degree leadership weekend with professor Ken Wendeln,” she said. “I learned so much about myself and my leadership style in that weekend. It was very eye-opening to see where I see myself and where others see me, and then learn how to close that gap. It’s a process that didn’t end that weekend.”

The experience you gain at Kelley is hands on; it’s not just sitting in a class. It makes you a well-rounded person capable of working with any team, client or environment.

Megan Bishop, BS'11, MBA'19