Accounting: One of the fastest growing industries

From the first time Christopher Lee, BS’14, MSA’15, stepped foot on the IUPUI campus for his freshman year of college, he knew he wanted a master’s degree. It was all part of his plan to become a CPA.

Being a CPA with a master’s degree would skyrocket his career.

The accounting industry is one of the fastest growing in the country. With more than 142,000 accounting jobs expected to be created through 2024, Christopher needed an edge that would separate him from the crowd.

“If you don’t get your CPA license, you’re going to miss promotions; you’re going to get stuck,” explains Christopher. “I didn’t want that to be me. I want to be a leader in my industry.”

At such a young age, and with his career just beginning, Christopher didn’t want to hit a ceiling early in his career. He knew in order to sit for the CPA exam, he needed to complete 150 credit hours, and the typical undergraduate degree only requires 120. He had two choices: Take 30 additional credit hours of electives, or enroll in the 30-credit-hour Kelley School of Business Master of Science in Accounting Program at IUPUI.

The Kelley School at IUPUI offers a 4+1 program, designed specifically for students like Christopher who want to pursue their master’s in accounting immediately following their bachelor’s degrees.