Kelley organizations: operations and supply chain management


Networking is a term that’s consistently preached to students at Kelley Indianapolis. After all, Kelley Indianapolis is located in the twelfth largest city in the country and surrounded by a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Why is this important?

Students must find a way to separate themselves and stand out to employers.

How can one do that? 

It’s simple: student organizations. 

Student organizations at Kelley Indianapolis offer networking opportunities among students, faculty, and employers. The Operations and Supply Chain Management Organization (OSCM) attracts new members because of their ability to bring in businesses representatives to speak to students.

“We bring in speakers from an array of business sectors, and they give us insight about how supply chain management operates within the different industries,” said Victoria Sefcsik, BS’18, and president of OSCM.

I’ve had companies tell me they are looking to hire Kelleys, and they’ll use our meetings to recruit.

Victoria Sefcsik, BS'18