Organization for Business Diversity Seeks to Unify All


Enabling Kelley School of Business students to become well-rounded, socially and culturally, conscious leaders through the construction of diverse and inclusive professional relationships. Yes, that is the mission statement for The Organization for Business Diversity. Never did I think that the word “diversity” could have such deep implications.

I truly believe that all Kelley students can get something valuable out of this organization, regardless of your area of concentration. That’s the best part, too. Being a Kelley student organization that is applicable to students across all majors is something that I’m excited about. I want us all to grow together.

Learning to embrace and accept each other’s differences is crucial in a growing and global economy. Especially crucial for us being the aspiring business professionals we are! My goal is that this organization can serve as a tool for this to happen. I see our differences as a point of unification, not separation. There is power in recognizing that we all have different strengths. We must all learn to build off of each other’s strengths to reach a common goal, whatever that may be.

The opportunities we as students at the Kelley School of Business have our endless. Being able to start this organization was awesome and I want all Kelley students to be a part of it. With that being said, I invite and encourage you all to attend our #DoubleScoopForDiversity event which will serve as the organization’s first official call out meeting. This will be your chance to hear more about the organization, meet our leadership, and most importantly indulge in a free ice cream sundae bar!