“The father-to-be was touching the face of his child, and he was just blown away. Here's a gentleman who'd been frustrated at many appointments because he could only listen to his wife experience seeing the ultrasound image. This was his first time to share that,” said Dr. Schifano. “Once we experienced that moment, we instituted a policy to do this for free for anyone who’s visually impaired, anywhere in the world. It's just too valuable an experience to keep that out of anyone’s hands because they can’t afford it.”

The lessons he gained in his MBA experience have changed Dr. Schifano and how he operates his practice of 160 employees. He says the lessons in teambuilding from his Kelley professors have been particularly useful in nurturing talent within his team.

“The faculty taught me that surrounding yourself with talented people is critical to success in business,” he said. “I recognized early the genius skill set of Mr. Frost and brought him up from a computer technician to chief information officer, where his creativity in the C-suite is noticed and cultivated. With great directors, team leaders and my newly minted Kelley MBA, I feel well-flanked at Heartland Women's Healthcare.”

A former U.S. Army officer, Dr. Schifano values organization and direct chains of command from one end of the practice to the other. His MBA experience was so impactful that he’s sponsoring his second-in-command at Heartland, Elisabeth Beyer Nolen, MD, a decorated Lieutenant Colonel, to attend Kelly’s Physician MBA Program this fall.

“Dr. Nolen is responsible for 40 practitioners across two states in 30 different locations, showing up to work and providing on-call care. I thought the value the program brought me would be extremely valuable to her – so much so that the practice itself is supporting her pursuing the degree,” he said.

“When I enrolled, I mistakenly thought I didn’t have the time to do an MBA. I tell physicians, there's never a better time. Two years from now won’t be a better time. You only have a finite amount time to use put these skill sets to use creating value. The moment to do that is today.”