Verma was a guest speaker in both 2014 and 2015 for the first-quarter course in the Kelley Physician MBA Program “Healthcare Revenue and Delivery Models.” Course instructor Professor Mohan Tatikonda describes it as a broad-based introduction to the current state of American healthcare, addressing business trends in healthcare sector payments and reimbursements and examining emerging organizational and clinical approaches to healthcare provision.

As part of the course, Tatikonda, an operations management professor and healthcare and life sciences industry expert, invites nationally-recognized leaders to speak with the Kelley Physician MBA students. This has included Verma; Martin Bott, Eli Lilly’s VP of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking; Dennis Murphy, President and CEO for IU Health; and other health system, life sciences and health insurance experts.

Our students interact directly with leaders who live the challenges of contemporary healthcare.

Mohan Tatikonda, professor of operations management

“As CMS director she will be the point person leading the definition of emerging healthcare revenue models in the United States,” said Tatikonda. “The rules, programs and incentives CMS puts in place are those our physicians work with every day. CMS’ reach is truly broad because their rules and programs often become de facto standards for healthcare revenue and delivery systems outside of government as well.”

Verma recognized and encouraged the Kelley Physician MBA students’ efforts in the program, saying during her 2014 talk, “My hat's off to you” for taking the program, and “I’m excited to be a part of your education.”

She explained to the students, “I feel very strongly that more physicians need to get involved in health policy.”

Pil (Peter) Kang, MD, MBA’16, was one of the physician MBAs who heard Verma speak.

“I feel she brings a consumer-based perspective and paradigm in approaching the administration of a very large and very important entitlement program in the United States,” explained Kang, who is a radiologist and partner at Davis Radiology, PC, in Burlington, Iowa. “The current way of administering Medicare and Medicaid is not sustainable. Ms. Verma’s experience in dealing with a large federal law at the state level gives her some perspective acting now at the federal level.”

It is my hope that her experience with our physician MBA program has been positive.

Pil (Peter) Kang, MD, MBA’16