Senior And A Half: Finding Your Support Group


At the beginning of the fall semester, I was excited to start my last year here at Kelley. Despite knowing this is the second-to-last semester of my academic career (well…at least until I start my MBA) I am thrilled to start the next chapter of my life. That next milestone is (you guessed right!) starting my career.

But before I can graduate, I have to actually finish my senior year! I’ll tell you what… this is the most hectic yet fastest semester I have ever had. Looking back at this semester, I notice that the one thing that is keeping me together is my support group. This support group entails family, friends, and the amazing coworkers that are helping me achieve my goals. Without my support, I would not have the self-discipline that is necessary to achieve the success I have in all of my classes. I believe every student needs a support group, whether it is all family members or all classmates, anyone can help you achieve your goals.

Finding potential classmates to be in your support group is beneficial for you as well as them. They most likely have the same goals as you: getting good grades, receiving a college education from Kelley, and finding the perfect job. When I was in I-Core one my group members, Nick, always wanted me to strive to get the best grade I could get on a test. Although it turned to a competition at times, I learned that I can go as far as I can as long as I put my mind to it.

If your family is a part of your support group, they should want to see you attain your goals. They will push you further than you could ever imagine. Keep your family close; they are the major factor to your success. My dad constantly reminds me how proud he is of me. Now that I'm almost to the finish line, he's helping me network to find a job that he knows I will like and fits my personality.

In the end, find your support group. It doesn’t matter if you’re a senior or a freshman, find a group of people who want to see you succeed. Once you have those people, you will go a long way.