Six ways to use a company blog for content marketing


A portion of this post originally appeared in this article, 7 Content Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs leverage content marketing to create inbound marketing because it is less costly. But, they sometimes forget that the key is having a constant stream of content. As noted on, one way to more easily have a constant stream of content is to develop a company blog. Hubspot suggests that you really need to be publishing a blogpost nearly every weekday (that is, 4 days per week or 16+ times per month). That means you need to think creatively about what can be a blog post and get others to help you:

1. Get customers to share how they are using your product/service.

2. Seek out customer testimonials and ask them to include a picture.

3. Introduce your own team and share your press releases.

4. Introduce new products and services.

5. Repurpose your emails announcing a sale or other updates.

6. Show the "behind-the-scenes" way to use your products.

Then, make sure you plan out an editorial calendar, get the blog posts written and posted. Finally, use your own social media channels to promote your blog posts!