Staff Spotlight: Deb Moore

As recorder for Kelley Indy, Deb Moore is like the gatekeeper to graduation: students don’t graduate without her approving their transcripts. And she’s seen plenty of transcripts in her 29 years at Kelley (including 12 years at the front desk), making her the longest-serving current staff member at the school.

Q: What does it mean to be the recorder?

Deb: I certify seniors for graduation. When they apply for graduation, I make sure everything’s correct on their transcript and that they meet the requirements to graduate. I also meet with students who are transferring in from other schools or returning to school after several years away.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

Deb: I enjoy working with the students and I like watching them cross the stage at commencement, especially if they’ve had to overcome some challenges to get there. I also enjoy programming the AAR (Academic Advising Report). It can become tedious when there are several course exceptions to include, but I like developing the algorithm and making sure it works. It’s like a puzzle: if I don’t have the AAR programmed correctly, it doesn’t help the students. It lets me work my creative side.

Q: You’re the longest-serving current KSBI staff member. How did you arrive at Kelley?

Deb: This September, I will have worked on campus for 30 years. I remember everyone starting here! I’ve been a Kelley recorder for 17 years and worked the front desk at Kelley for 12 years before that. The six months prior to joining Kelley, I worked in the “typewriter pool.” Back then, in the 1980s, IUPUI departments didn’t own typewriters; they rented them from the school’s typewriter pool. I used to go around campus, delivering and retrieving typewriters and bolting them to desks so they couldn’t be removed. Although one time, someone stole the entire top right off the desk to take the typewriter. It must’ve looked suspicious carrying that around. [laughs]

Q: How do you spend your time when you’re not at Kelley?

Deb: I enjoy snuggling with my 10-year-old puggle pup named Sadie.

I also have a new granddaughter, Briella Grace, who was born in January.

I’ve picked up knitting again to make her booties and hats and blankets.

When we can, my older daughter and I drive out to Connecticut to visit my other daughter and Briella. She’s a wonderful new addition.

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Deb, her daughter Jessica Kirschgassner, and granddaughter Briella Grace.