Q: What does your daughter plan to do when she graduates next spring?

LouAnna: Rachel is going to come to IUPUI and study at Kelley. We’ve had lots of conversations because, well, she has an advisor for a mom. Throughout high school she’s taken different classes, Project Lead the Way and STEM courses to help narrow down what she likes. I’ve been looking at her every day for 17 years now so I gave her some ideas and some things to ponder. She’s heard me talk about my work at IUPUI since she 9 years old, and about Kelley for the past two years I’ve been here, so she wants to try it. I think she’s going to do well.

Q: As a mom-advisor, what do you think she'll study?

LouAnna: Rachel’s not sure what she plans to study, but I’d guess either finance or supply chain because she’s very detail orientated and great with numbers.