Staff Spotlight: Sara Wrightsman

As the assistant director of Graduate Accounting Programs, Sara Wrightsman serves as the main advisor, recorder and event planner for GAP students. What you may not know about her is just how much she loves her Cincinnati Reds.

Q: You joined Kelley in March 2017 but you've been at IUPUI longer. Where did you work before?

Sara: I started at IUPUI as a work study student back in 2001 for what’s now called IUPUI Health Services. I took on a full-time position there in 2002 and worked my way up through the office to physician director for the clinic. After that, I received my first position on the academic side of higher education at SPEA in 2006 as a student services assistant within the Graduate Programs and worked my way up to graduate admissions advising, recording tasks and programing degree audits.

Q: How are SPEA and Kelley students similar?

Sara: All these students are very driven and recognize it’s their job to make money for a company and balance the budget but they also want to make a difference. A number of the GAP students I’ve encountered have an interest in nonprofits and volunteering, which is a passion of mine. Both GAP and SPEA students are very similar in that they want to give back. When they interview for job placement or an internship, many look to see if the organization has a foundation through which they’ll be able to volunteer and give back to the community.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Sara: When I can help guide students into that next step in their lives - whether it be in their academic career or applying a degree to a new level in their professions. Some GAP students are making a complete career change and I can provide them with the resources to succeed and graduate, which is very rewarding.

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Sara and her family dressed as superheroes.

Q: How do you spend your time outside of Kelley?

I have a daughter who’s three, Gracelyn. She keeps me busy most of the time. I spend time with her and my significant other, Ben. We’re pretty active– Ben just finished the RAIN (Ride Across Indiana) which is a 160-mile cycle ride across Indiana in one day, and my father and I drove the personal safety vehicle. It was amazing to see the drive of some of these cyclists and how welcoming and supportive the cycling community is to one another. In my free time, enjoy anything fitness, sports, or dance related. I also cycle and enjoy teaching a dance fitness class at NIFS (National Institute for Fitness and Sport). I enjoy teaching Zumba in particular. I was a dancer for 15 years and I found my way back to dance through Zumba. I love the energy and the fact that it doesn’t feel like working out.

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Sara and her significant other, Ben, riding bikes.
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Sara and her daughter, Gracelyn, dressed up for Halloween.
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Sara and Ben at the Reds Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Q: You said you also like to travel?

Yes, we like to take weekend trips when we are able and at least one big trip a year. We like to go to Cincinnati 3-4 times over the summer to catch the Reds games, since it’s located so close. In fact, that’s how our daughter, Gracelyn, came to acquire her middle name, Rose: after Pete Rose (“Charlie Hustle”), who played for the Cincinnati Reds. Last summer, Ben and I had the opportunity to see Pete inducted into the Reds Hall of Fame, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!