Staff, take a break


It’s that time of year when the crowded halls dissipate as students leave campus for spring break. But for the staff at Kelley Indianapolis, it’s usually just another work week, but not this year.

On March 15th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Kelley Indy staff are invited to “Take a Break” and enjoy some fun with colleagues and friends. The event will be located in BS 4032D.

“The idea is for staff to be able to take a break during spring break week,” said Lorna Griffin, assistant director of human resources and founder of the Kelley Indianapolis Staff Engagement Team (SET).

The Staff Engagement Team is comprised of a representative from each Kelley Indianapolis unit.

Each team member is asked to bring ideas and suggestions that their peers will enjoy. This allows staff from across the school an opportunity to interact with other staff members.

“We’re going to have games, snacks and music, and staff will be able relax and unwind. It will allow the newer and more experienced staff members to get to know each other while having some fun,” Griffin said.

I want all staff members to have a voice.

Lorna Griffin, assistant director of human resources

The idea emerged after the elimination of monthly staff meetings, noted Griffin. Feeling unsure of the impact of not having a monthly staff meeting, Griffin sent a survey to staff members. She said 70 percent responded, and 68 percent of those responses were in favor of meeting with fellow staff members in some fashion.

The goal is to have monthly meetings where staff will pitch their ideas, all while increasing the community within the school.

“Six months from now, I hope there will be regular committee meetings and activities, and I hope the Staff Engagement Team is a well-oiled machine with an abundance of participation,” Griffin said.

If you have an idea, or are interested in joining the Staff Engagement Team, email Lorna Griffin.