Student Spotlight: Stephania Pfeiffer


Consider a non-profit for your next internship

Stephania Pfeiffer, BS’17, will forever take what she learned in her internship at Greater Education Opportunities (GEO) Foundation in Indianapolis with her to future careers.

“Every little bit counts. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. As an accounting intern, you can see the little things that we do and the processes that simple accounting develops, to make sure that every dollar is spent the right way,” Pfeiffer says.

The non-profit GEO Foundation is based in Indianapolis. The organization “aims to break the back of poverty through education by placing high-quality charter schools in low-income areas.” Currently, the non-profit serves 1,700 students in three states. Representatives say most of their students graduate with numerous transferable college credits, and some even complete full associate degrees by the time they graduate.

Students in this photo graduated with their high school diploma and college associate's degree paid for by 21st Century Charter School at Gary, a GEO Academy located in Gary, Indiana. Provided Photo: Geo Foundation

When considering an internship through Kelley Careers, Pfeiffer says she applied to places where she thought she would have the opportunity to learn more about a particular subject. She wanted to learn more about fund accounting and decided GEO Foundation would be the place to do it. Along the way, she learned so much more.

“At GEO, we help the charter schools we serve save money, so they can put more money toward the students in the classrooms,” she said. “Working for a non-profit, you get a unique feeling out of your work."

What you’re doing is not just helping GEO; it’s helping a 12-year-old who’s sitting in a classroom, or an adult returning to school.

Stephania Pfeiffer, BS'17

Pfeiffer’s advice for current Kelley Indy students: keep an open mind when considering internships.

“The tools we learn through internships are going to be useful whether you work for a company or non-profit organization. Talk to your career advisor and apply where you think you’re going to learn the most,” said Pfeiffer.

"I think it's important for students to consider non-profit work as a career path,” said Dana Teasley, MBA’96, who serves as the VP and General Counsel for GEO Foundation.