The Big Idea


One of the great things about being a professor at the Kelley School of Business is seeing dreams become reality. It is one of the primary reasons that many faculty members go into academia and for me it is one of the great rewards of our profession.

I was reminded of this by an email that Professor David Steele forwarded to me from one of his students. As Thanksgiving was just around the bend, I thought a short note of Thanks for seeing a dream put into reality would be great for a blog.

Erin Sheets is a student that enrolled in Professor Steele’s W212 Exploring Entrepreneurship programs course in spring 2011. In this course, students work on developing their Entrepreneurial dreams and learning how to make them a reality. Erin is one of the students putting her idea into reality. Professor Steele refers to this as the “Big Idea”. Erin writes:

I have continued tinkering with my Memoir Writing Business. I thought you may be interested in seeing how it's been coming along. I now have a website up and running- though it's still in the process of being edited- and I would love for you to check it out: … I really enjoyed your class and all the help you gave me as I cycled through various "big ideas".

Erin, I wish you the best in your entrepreneurial activity and thanks for letting me share your comments.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.