The Bloomberg Professional (University Library)


We have a wonderful resource in the University Library for business students commonly referred to as the "Bloomberg Terminal." More accurately, this is a subscription service offered by Bloomberg called The Bloomberg Professional. This computer platform is the most powerful and the most flexible for accessing real-time data, news and analytics for business decisions. For finance professionals and traders, the terminal is the only piece of equipment they need to monitor the global markets and trade. Bloomberg Professional also provides global breaking news as well, and even sports scores including "cricket."

While the system will deliver a vast array of global data in milliseconds, users can also collaborate on the system with over 315,000 of the world's most influential decision makers - this includes a chat tool with the global financial community, an idea messaging tool, and the ability to share Excel files thorough the Bloomberg user system. You can also find a global Merger & Acquisition (M & A) and Initial Public Offering (IPO) database and monitor and analyze real-time data and place trades on the trading platform. It is simply an awesome resource, and one that I have used for many years.

More recently I have been exposing my students to this system using simple assignments such as "research the SWOT analysis for Nike." This exercise allows the student to obtain a Bloomberg password, access The Bloomberg Professional, and locate a very detailed analysis of Nike's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. My objective with these fun tasks is to demonstrate the power of the data available so students will use this resource in other business classes and post-graduation. Knowledge of The Bloomberg Professional can be a differentiator when searching for a job, especially for finance and accounting majors. In fact, one of my students from this fall has become Bloomberg Certified.

To obtain The Bloomberg Professional Certification, students must complete the Bloomberg Essentials Training Program. This online training program is designed to equip financial professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the Bloomberg Professional Service. The program consists of 2 sections: 1) Bloomberg Core Videos, 2) Market Sectors Videos. Upon completion of viewing the required videos (approx. 30 minutes each), students will need to request an exam for each section through the terminal. Once the exams are completed with a passing score, the Bloomberg Helpdesk will issue the Certificate of Completion by request. The certification can be completed at any one of the three Bloomberg Terminals in the University Library.

Bloomberg terminals are easily recognized by the two "monitor wings" and the "specialized keyboard." The color-coded keys are specially programed to execute common actions. Since Bloomberg was originally designed in the early 1980's and placed online in the New York financial community prior to the presence of computers on every desk in American business, the terminal's keyboard layout was designed for traders and market makers who had no prior computer experience!

I really encourage every single business student to become familiar with The Bloomberg Professional early on in your academic career - and, for those who want to work in finance and accounting, I strongly encourage you to become Bloomberg Certified.

The three terminals are marked by a green "Bloomberg" sign and there is a placard at each station describing how to sign on. If you need additional help, or would simply like someone to help you get started, please see Katie Emery in the University Library. Katie can be reached at: (317) 274-353 and