The Hitchhiker's Guide to I-Core: Upmost Sacred Secrets of Survival


Everyone pursuing a degree at the Kelley School of Business has one major common fear: I-Core. If you haven’t heard the stories yet I will give you a basic rundown: I-Core for me and the older Kelley students was a block of 3 courses that consisted of Finance, Operations, and Marketing. To go along with the courses, we have a group project in which we implement what we learned in the 3 courses to expand/create a business. Now, I say it was 3 courses because starting in the fall 2013, they are adding a fourth course involving team management. I know what you’re thinking, “I’m switching my major to Education for sure!” but there’s no need for that! If I can survive I-Core so can you and I’ll tell you how. Below are the upmost sacred secrets about how to survive I-Core and actually enjoy it. Disclaimer: These are not proven facts; it is based purely on opinion, mostly my opinion.

  1. NEVER be late to class. Everyone hates it when people walk in late and interrupt.
  2. It is best to take the morning block of I-Core. Be on campus by 9am. Walk out by 2:45pm. BOOM! Done!
  3. Have a set group meeting each week. In my group, we integrated a day of the week that works best for all and we met that day each and every week. Simple and it works.
  4. Don’t like your group too much, it will never work. Our major problem was that we all loved talking to each other so when we had a group meeting, we always got off track and distracted. Go to the meetings, assign tasks, and call it a day. There will be time to socialize after I-Core.
  5. Even if your business idea won’t work, be honest. When you present your idea to the professors at the end of the semester, be honest with them on whether it will make a profit. If the idea was horrible and it should be erased off the phase of the earth tell them!
  6. Finance is not that bad. I know what you’re thinking, “Accounting was the death of me, you will not make me do Finance!” I completely agree, but Professor Roberson and Professor Smith are wonderful at explaining finance and it might end up being your best grade. Go figure!
  7. Yes, it is hard. I-Core will be hard and it will be a lot of work but all the work you put into it is worth it. It is something you’ll need to know for your group project and the exams. It is actually valuable information!
  8. Visit your professors, they’re actually nice. They may seem like they never have time and are always so busy. Yes, they are busy but they will make time for you and help you. If you’re afraid of going alone, make your friend go with you and pretend you both need help. Chances are you will both benefit from the visit, guaranteed!

All of these sacred secrets are 100% legitimate and are to be passed down, so make sure to pass on these tips of survival. You have made it so far, why give up now?