Dr. Wright meets with Kelley School Professor of Management Christopher O.L.H. Porter, who taught her MBA courses on leadership.

During the program, Dr. Wright was promoted to president of medical staff. She says the program encouraged her to think beyond her current role and to consider what she could do with the new business skills she was gaining.

“Kelley’s Business of Medicine Physician MBA Program gave me a level of confidence that far exceed what I had when I enrolled,” she said. “It allowed me to realize I had the knowledge, skill and experience to translate my MBA to healthcare and then mesh it with my clinical experience to create my current role.”

As she learned more though her career and her MBA, Dr. Wright realized many decisions affecting healthcare are made from the payer side. Providers, she discovered, are typically reactive and base their strategies upon payers’ expectations.

“I thought it would be helpful to gain experience on the payer side, to truly understand what drives the decisions that payers make and, perhaps, have some impact on and input into those decisions," she said.

“I realized that I can have a much greater impact on the payer side than I could at the bedside.”

Dr. Wright recently became the market medical director for CareSource, a managed care company providing Medicaid and Marketplace plans, as well as population health measures, to members in Indiana. In her role, Dr. Wright works with leadership to identify needs and gaps in members’ health behaviors.

“I help craft the clinical strategy for the Indiana market. I am accountable for clinical quality and the attainment of our quality metrics, so I work closely with our quality and case management teams to develop strategy and initiatives that encourage members to take better care of themselves,” she explained. “For example, our data suggested that our members are not receiving all the required prenatal care and recommended newborns screenings. We are crafting strategies such as home visits and member incentives to address that.”

Kelley’s Business of Medicine Physician MBA Program gave me a level of confidence that far exceeded what I had when I enrolled.

Camie Wright, MD, MBA'16