Tips for Surviving Your First Year in the Kelley School of Business


Incoming freshmen: relax, and prepare yourself — you're going to love your time with the Kelley School of Business. There are a few quick ways to guarantee a wonderful first year, and I'm here to reveal them.

  1. Hit the ground running!
    There will be a billion things going on the first few weeks of school. My best advice is to attend "Weeks of Welcome" activities with your new classmates! You'll walk by event booths and activities on your way to class so don't be shy! You may join an organization you really enjoy or, at minimum, make new contacts!
  2. Take advantage of ALL events!
    There are countless events going on throughout the year. Don't be too quick to pass one up!

    The IUPUI Etiquette Luncheon is not Kelley exclusive, but it is a must for all Kelley students. It is held during Fall Career Week. Admission is cheap ($10 last year), and the benefits are priceless. The luncheon teaches attendees proper etiquette for professional dining. The luncheon is a four-course meal guided by a presenter who will answer any questions throughout the luncheon. Whether you find yourself meeting with a professor for lunch, at a job interview, or professional dining experience, you will be prepared for the occasion after attending the Etiquette Luncheon.
  3. Talk to your adviser — OFTEN!
    Your academic adviser is there to help you, and they are good at their job! Meet with them a few times throughout the year to plan your schedule each semester, future cast your time with Kelley, and ask questions! My student adviser, Maureen Kinney, is phenomenal, she has helped me map out my four-year plan and beyond. Whether you know exactly what you want from you college experience or you have yet to declare your major, make your advising appointments a top priority.
    The Regatta is an incredible event to take advantage of as a Jaguar! The event takes place on September 19th, and I highly recommended racing or attending at minimum. The week leading up to the Regatta has other great opportunities such as the Battleship event in the Natatorium, and Smores and Ores. For the full schedule and information, visit the Regatta website.
  5. Go to the University Library, Orange Space, & Kelley Indianapolis Career Services
    Of course the library is an optimum study space, but it is also your key to academic success. As a Kelley student, you have a subject liaison named Katie Emery. Utilize her expertise immediately! Katie specializes in business research and can help you stand out in your classwork and presentations. Projects large and small can become exceptional from a little extra research, and Katie can train you in business research early in your college career. While you visit with Katie, ask her about creating a Bloomberg profile and becoming Bloomberg certified! Another perk of being a Kelley student is the access to Bloomberg Terminals. Bloomberg is the ideal business research device and you will wow your professors by using them frequently.

    Another ideal place to study is the Orange Space on the second floor of the business building. You will often see other business majors studying and interacting in the Orange Space. Professors are frequent visitors as well. Making yourself known may be the best advise I can offer, and the Orange Space is a convenient location to execute the task.

    The third location you should frequent is Kelley Indianapolis Career Services, located in BS2010. The career services staff offers great tools to succeed in perfecting resumes, practicing interview skills, finding employment, and other individualized career counseling. It is never too soon to begin planning for your career, and KICS is a valuable resource during the process.
  6. Get to know your professors!
    Every professor you have may be a valuable resource during class, for another course, or in your future career. You need only take the time to get to know them! Professors are there to help students in any way possible or direct them to the best resource. They want you to succeed!

Here's to a successful, and survivable, first year in the Kelley School of Business. And welcome to the Kelley family.