Top 100 Profile: Clara Starkey

In the days leading up to the IUPUI Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner, we will be featuring our Kelley students who have been named a Top 100 for 2017.

What has been your favorite experience so far at Kelley?

My favorite experience with Kelley was going to New York City with Professor Steele's BUS-X105 class. It was so cool to walk around the New York Stock Exchange floor as an eighteen year old and explore the city for the first time when it was decorated for the holidays. 

What has been your favorite class and why?

My favorite class was RoadTrip (BUS-X103) with Maureen Kinney. We visited numerous companies in almost every Kelley major in Indianapolis. This is where I made some great friendships! 

If you had to pick one professor that has impacted you the most while at Kelley, who would it be?

Professor Wright has impacted me by how caring she is. I hope to be as classy as she is one day.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?

I hope to be a financial advisor and to continue to volunteer in my free time after graduation. 

Favorite activity/extracurricular activity that you have been involved in while at Kelley?

I love my brothers in Delta Sigma Pi! Delta Sigma Pi has so many aspects in it. From professional events to volunteering, the brotherhood has impacted me for life!

What is your Kelley moment?

My Kelley Moment was a simple conversation with a professor. Before and during BUS-X220, I was trying to narrow down what I specifically wanted my career to be, and my professor took the time to sit down with me one-on-one to discuss the everyday tasks of the careers that I was considering. This short conversation has determined my career path, and I'm happy with the decision that was made.