Top 100 Profile: Josh Graham


In the days leading up to the IUPUI Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner, we will be featuring our Kelley students who have been named a Top 100 for 2016.

What has been your favorite experience at Kelley?

One word. Regatta.

What has been your favorite class and why?

Any of my higher level finance classes. It's really interesting to see how concepts start to tie in together from multiple classes.

If you had to pick one professor that has impacted you the most at Kelley, who would it be?

Todd Roberson

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?

I will be in commercial real estate brokerage. Hopefully, I'll end up at Cushman & Wakefield where I'm currently interning.

Favorite activity/extracurricular activity during your time at IUPUI and Kelley?

I have really enjoyed the Real Estate Club. Kelley Moment: My study abroad trip to Strasbourg, France was absolutely unforgettable.