Top 100 Profile: Megan Broman


In the weeks leading up to the IUPUI Top 100 Outstanding Students Recognition Dinner, we will be featuring our Kelley students who have been named a Top 100 for 2016.

What has been your favorite experience so far at Kelley?

My favorite experience so far at Kelley has been with the Business of Sports in Spain class. Professor Donahue organized such a great study abroad experience that in just one week in Spain I learned just as much about sports as I had fun experiencing the culture.

What has been your favorite class and why?

My favorite class has been the Business of Sports in Spain class with Professor Donahue of course! Professor Donahue is so enthusiastic about marketing that it is contagious. Learning the business side of sports became very interesting and seeing it in action while in Spain was very rewarding. The group of students that went to Spain became a close family thanks to Professor Donahue and our amazing tour guide, Bernado.

If you had to pick one professor that has impacted you the most while at Kelley, who would it be?

The professor who has had the most impact on me while at Kelley has been Professor Gregory Martin. I was not an accounting major until I had class with him. He made me fall in love with accounting and provoked me to seek an internship with Ernst and Young.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate?

After graduation I will be studying for the CPA exam and preparing for my full-time position with EY.

Favorite activity/extracurricular activity that you have been involved in while at Kelley?

My favorite activity within Kelley is not necessarily a specific extracurricular organization or activity, but all the events Kelley organizes for students to meet each other. There is always a familiar face in my classes or in the orange space between classes because of the events Kelley hosts. I have friends in programs other than Kelley and they cannot name the students they have class with. This is the exact opposite with Kelley. You do not get that sense of community outside of Kelley. The relationships I have built within Kelley have made my college experience so much more rewarding.

What is your Kelley moment?

My Kelley moment was during my internship with EY. I managed to work on multiple footnotes, financial statements, and management's analysis and discussion of the 10-K for a client. Going into the internship I never knew how to audit a 10-K, but through the classes I have taken at Kelley and the professors who have pushed me, juggling multiple responsibilities and complicated areas of the 10-K became natural. I had to be quick on my feet, learn from my mistakes, and know when to ask questions verse figuring out the answer myself. I would have not been near the confident and hardworking intern without the preparation from Kelley. My team at EY was very impressed with my work and I was very proud to represent Kelley in that moment.